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Facebook apps take the pain out of selling online

Facebook apps have become an important part of building an online business. There are many out there but none have been able to do what Shopify's Facebook store has done. With Shopify's Facebook app, anyone can open an online store right on their Facebook page.

Simply download the Facebook app, upload your products, and you'll have a vibrant online store in no time.

Facebook Store example

Why Facebook apps?

Facebook apps make it easy to sell online

Fast setup

Start your Facebook store in less time than it takes to read through your friends' status updates.

Seamless syncing

Make changes to your product offering right from your dashboard. Your Facebook store will update instantly.

Totally integrated

Your Shopify store and your Facbook store are integrated. Sell more faster with Shopify Facebook apps.

Shopify alimente plus de 325,000 commerces

Nous avons aidé nos clients à totaliser plus de 24 milliards de dollars de ventes

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